General Weed and Lieutenant Hazlett Monument

Colonel Strong Vincent Monument

Headquarters Major General George Sykes

Fifth Corps, AOP, Field Hospital

5th Corps, Artillery Brigade

2nd Company, Massachusetts Sharpshooters

5th Corps, 3rd Division, 1st Brigade

5th Corps, 3rd Division

5th Corps, 2nd Division

5th Corps, 2nd Division, 1st Brigade

5th Corps, 1st Division, 3rd Brigade

5th Corps, 2nd Division, 3rd Brigade

5th Corps, 1st Division, 2nd Brigade

Fifth Corps, Army of the Potomac

5th Corps, 2nd Division, 2nd Brigade

5th Corps, 1st Division

5th Corps, 3rd Division, 3rd Brigade

5th Corps, 1st Division, 1st Brigade

12th United States Infantry

155th Pennsylvania Infantry

5th United States Artillery, Battery I

32nd Massachusetts Infantry

1st New York Artillery, Battery C

1st Ohio Artillery, Battery L

14th United States Infantry

5th Pennsylvania Reserves (34th Infantry)

6th United States Infantry

16th Michigan Infantry

4th United States Infantry

62nd Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd United States Infantry

17th United States Infantry

18th Massachusetts Infantry

1st Michigan Infantry

10th United States Infantry

44th New York Infantry (12th Infantry)

3rd United States Infantry

11th United States Infantry

9th Pennsylvania Reserves (38th Infantry)

2nd Pennsylvania Reserves (31st Infantry)

6th Pennsylvania Reserves (35th Infantry)

91st Pennsylvania Infantry

3rd Massachusetts Artillery (Battery C)

146th New York Infantry

1st Pennsylvania Reserves (30th Infantry)

5th United States Artillery, Battery D

10th Pennsylvania Reserves (39th Infantry)

9th Massachusetts Infantry

11th Pennsylvania Reserves (40th Infantry)

7th United States Infantry

22nd Massachusetts Infantry

118th Pennsylvania Infantry

13th Pennsylvania Reserves (42nd Infantry)

4th Michigan Infantry

Brig. Gen. Samuel Wylie Crawford

20th Maine Infantry

12th Pennsylvania Reserves (41st Infantry)

140th New York Infantry

83rd Pennsylvania Infantry

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