The Codori Farm

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Codori FarmFarm Name: The Codori Farm

War Time Owner: Nicholas Codori. Codori was a butcher and lived in town on York Street. He rented the farm to tenants.

Location: The Emmitsburg Road. The Codori Farm was “ground zero” for Pickett’s Charge and is one of the battlefield’s best known landmarks due to its central location.

Extant Buildings: The farmhouse and barn still stand. The barn is a reconstruction; the original was torn down in 1882. The farm is owned by the National Park Service and is used as a private residence.

Built: House dates to 1834, barn was built in 1884.

About the Farm: Located along the Emmitsburg Road about 400 yards in front of the Union battle lines on Cemetery Ridge, the house spent most of the battle within the Union forward skirmish line. On July 2, two regiments of Harrow’s Union brigade moved forward to the road astride the house to confront a major attack by Confederate infantry. Their position was overrun; wounded sought shelter within the house. On July 3, the house proved an obstacle to Garnett’s Virginia brigade as it participated in the Pickett-Pettigrew Assault. Confederate wounded joined Union wounded in the house until the conclusion of the battle. Confederate General Kemper was carried to the shelter of the walls of the building when wounded during the attack, prior to being carried off the field. It is one of three houses in the park exhibiting battle damage to the interior. Indeed, the board interior wall on the south end of the living room may be the only Civil War-era interior fabric still surviving from the battle era. Interior arrangement of rooms on the first floor has also been altered. One of eight existing Pennsylvania bank barns in the Park, the barn is a representative structure of the 19th century Pennsylvania farm. Occupies the approximate site of a Civil War period barn.

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