Hill’s Corps, Army of Northern Virginia

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AP Hill's Corps Monument

The Third Corps was also known as Hill’s Corps.

About the Main Monument

When was it dedicated? Erected December 1906.

What is it made out of? Foundation: Concrete. Monument: Granite. Plaque: Bronze.

What size is it? Rough-hewn monolith, seven feet tall.

Who made it? Albert Russell & Sons Co. of Newburyport, Massachusetts. Erected by the United States War Department.

What does it depict? A rectangular granite monument, with a large bronze tablets thereon, describing the engagements and movements of each army corps. Rock-faced granite monolith, 4’2?x2?, 7? high, with bronze narrative tablet mounted on obverse polished face.

What does it honor? One of the Confederate army corps monuments, denoting the service of the Third Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.

How is it inscribed? The monument reads,

Lieutenant General Ambrose P. Hill

Anderson’s Division Major General R. H. Anderson
Heth’s Division Major General Henry Heth
Brigadier General J. J. Pettigrew
Pender’s Division Major General William D. Pender
Brigadier General James H. Lane,
Major General 1. R. Trimble
Artillery Reserve
Nine Batteries Colonel R. Lindsay Walker

July 1. The Corps was near Cashtown. Heth’s Division at 5 A. M. moved towards Gettysburg. Two brigades with artillery advancing across Willoughby Run were soon engaged. Archer’s Brigade was driven across the run. After resting an hour Heth’s Division formed line west of Willoughby Run and advanced with Pender’s Division in reserve. 2.30 P. M. the right of Ewell’s Corps appeared on the left. Pender’s Division was ordered forward. After a severe contest the Union forces were driven back and through the town. The two divisions bivouacked on the ground gained. Anderson’s Division bivouacked two miles in rear.

July 2. Anderson’s Division extended to the right along the crest of hills facing Cemetery Ridge Pender’s Division occupying the crest from the Seminary and joining Anderson’s Division with Heth’s Division in reserve the artillery in position on Seminary Ridge. The First Corps ordered to attack the left of Union forces the Third Corps to cooperate. General Anderson moved forward three brigades connecting with the left of McLaws’s Division and drove the Union forces from their position. Anderson’s right becoming separated from Mclaws’s left and no support coming to these brigades they returned to their former line.

July 3. The Corps occupied the same position. Reserve batteries were placed facing the Union lines. The Confederate line held by Anderson’s Division half of Pender’s and half of Heth’s the remainder of Corps ordered to report to General Longstreet as a support in the assault to be made on the Union position on Cemetery Ridge. About 1 P. M. the artillery along the line opened fire. 3 P. M. the assault was made and failed. Anderson’s Division was held in reserve. The troops fell back to former positions.

July 4. The Corps took up the line of march during the night.

Casualties Killed 837 Wounded 4407 Missing 1491 Total 6735

When was this photograph taken? February 7, 2009.

Where is it located? Located Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325. Located on West side of West Confederate Avenue, near North Carolina Memorial, south of McMillan Woods.

Is this monument located along the NPS Auto Tour route? Yes.

Has this monument been moved or changed? This monument has not been moved or materially altered.

Monument Details, Alternative Views, and Contextual Views

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Secondary Monuments and Markers

HQ of General AP HillMonument Title: Headquarters of General A.P. Hill

Photographed: December 10, 2006.

Location: West Confederate Avenue at McMillian Woods. This monument is denoted on the map above by a RED pushpin.

Description: Erected by the Gettysburg National Parks Commission and completed in 1920-1921; consists of bronze cannon mounted on a granite base. Denotes the approximate location of A.P. Hill’s headquarters, which were actually located behind Seminary Ridge. 12-pounder bronze Confederate cannon cemented into hexagonal granite base w/ muzzle up. Overall height, 10’6″. 2 bronze inscription tablets on E face. Bronze plate w/ “C.S.A.” inscribed, fastened across gun at trunnion.

At Gettysburg

Commander: Lieut. Gen. Ambrose Powell Hill (November 9, 1825 – April 2, 1865), was a Confederate general in the American Civil War. He gained early fame as the commander of “Hill’s Light Division,” becoming one of Stonewall Jackson’s ablest subordinates. He later commanded a corps under Robert E. Lee in the Army of Northern Virginia before his death in battle just prior to the end of the war. More about this officer.

After Action Report: After Action Report of Lieut. Gen. A.P. Hill (will open a pop up window).


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